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System setup

Config files and scripts to setup my Ubuntu system.


To run the basic setup script directly:

bash -c "$(wget -q -O -"

Available scripts

./  # Install software and setup user config file links
./  # Link config files into user home directory
./  # Remove links to config files from user home directory

Config files

  • - a collection of useful functions for setting up my bash shell
  • .bashrc - setup the bash shell, by loading some of the bash functions
  • .vim - my vim setup - including syntax highlighting and other tweaks
  • .tmux.conf - My setup for tmux, the "better than screen" terminal multiplexer
  • .bash_profile - mostly empty. Just makes sure .bashrc gets run.
  • .globalgitconfig - My git configuration.
  • .user-preferences.sublime-settings - My User settings for sublime