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I just added two new templates to the mix, ‘Small Business’ and 'Half Slider’! Be sure to check them out and use them in your projects! If you want a breakdown of the two templates, read below!
##'Small Business’ Template
## 'Small Business’ Template
So this template was inspired by a project that I had done for a client a few years ago. I intentionally left out the slider in favor of a single image for the main visual on the page. I am also making use of the 'Logo Nav’ starter template for the menu bar.
You will probably want to, if anything, increase the font size of the text within the well. It’s a great place for a company tagline and/or phone number, but we kept it small just to cut down on too much customization of the CSS (we can’t do all the work!). We rounded out the edges on the picture with Bootstrap’s handy `img-rounded` selector, but you can change it back if you want. For the logo, we recommend using a logo with a transparent background! Use `navbar-default` instead of `navbar-inverse` if you need a lighter background, or just customize the background color of the navbar completely.
##'Half Slider’ Template
## 'Half Slider’ Template
There isn’t too much to say about this template. It’s fulfilling an email request we got for a half-page height slider instead of a full-page height slider as seen in the 'Full Slider’ template. In the custom CSS, you can change the percentage height of `.carousel` to change the height of the slider.
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ We’ve listed to a lot of suggestions that you’ve had, and we have taken thos
'SB Admin 2’ is a new and improved, easily customizable, free Bootstrap based admin template that is great for building web apps.
##SB Admin 2 - New and Improved
## SB Admin 2 - New and Improved
Download Here: <>
There have been a number of improvements over the previous version of SB Admin. Most notably, the menu bar in version 2 is greatly improved. On mobile devices, the side bar collapses into a nice, three-level dropdown that sits under the user interface links that behave as normal (and slightly modified) dropdowns.

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