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Personal configurations to make plasma a fully tiling desktop. With themes and color schemes from Material ocean


  • A fresh KDE Plasma installation(check other branches for other dots)
  • Zsh
  • Prezto
  • Tmux
  • Latte-Dock-git
  • required programs
    • ksuperkey (map meta to open krunner)
    • flameshot (for taking screenshots)
    • libinput-gestures (touchpad gestures)
    • unclutter (hide pointer when not in use)



  • git clone --recurse-submodules ~/.dotfiles
  • cd ~/.dotfiles
  • bash to install everything (including fonts).

After Installation to do

  • cd others
  • bash if on a clean install.
  • set plasma themes.
  • select split beauty layout for latte dock.
  • import kwin rules and shortcuts under the plasma folder

Plasma Extras

To achieve an exact replica of this setup there are some plasma settings that need to be tweaked

  • enable snap helper, desktop grid and desktop overview from desktop effects
  • set hot corners for desktops overview and desktop grid (top right, top left)
  • disable title bars for all windows from here
  • rounded corners add-on
  • move windows with alt and mouse (window behaviour -> window actions -> modifier key)
  • set focus stealing to none, focuses new window on open (window behaviour -> focus -> focus stealing)
  • set focus to follow mouse (window behaviour -> focus window activity policy)
  • set wallpaper to picture of the day from Wikimedia



Plasma shortcuts under settings is the preferred way to manage keyboard shortcuts, for tiling, Bismuth is used with most of the shortcuts left as default, any changes done are mentioned below.

key function
win key(mod/super) launch krunner
super + w launch browser (default is google chrome)
super + Enter launch terminal (default is kitty)
super + f launch file manager (default is dolphin)
super + q kill current window
super + space switch between tiling and last used layout
super + shift + F make window float
super + {h,j,k,l} focus the window on left, below, above, right respectively
super + Tab cycle through last used desktops (in order)
super + 1-9 go to desktop 1-9
super + shift + 1-9 move window to desktop number 1-9
super + ctrl + {h,j,k,l} shrink window on given side
super + direction stick window at given direction corner
print take a full screenshot
print + shift launch flameshot area selection
super + v launch clipboard
super + s launch spotify
super + t launch telegram


Gestures are handled by libinput-gestures, to modify them, directly edit the conf file under .config (not recommended) or use gestures tool.

gesture function
3 finger swipe down go to next desktop
3 finger swipe up go to previous desktop
3 finger swipe left go back (alt + left)
3 finger swipe right go forward (alt + right)
4 finger swipe down enter window overview mode (all desktops)
4 finger swipe up display desktops grid


Global theme:   Breeze
Plasma Style:   Material Ocean
Color scheme:   Breeze with #ff4151 as accent color
Terminal:       Konsole
Terminal Theme: Material ocean
File Manager:   Dolphin
Icons:          Tela
Browser:        Google Chrome Stable
New Page:       Tabliss (config under others folder)
Docks:          Latte Dock (Split Beauty)