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various configurations for various packages
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Blacksuan19 nvim squash:
- set some stuff to improve performance
- incorporate snippets into coc
- add ctrlP for faster project access
- remap : to ;
- hide annoying autosave message

Signed-off-by: blacksuan19 <>
Latest commit c2c4f9e Nov 12, 2019
Type Name Latest commit message Commit time
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Screens update screenshot Jul 18, 2019
bin/bin ufetch: hadrdcode wm Nov 10, 2019
bspwm/.config/bspwm bspwm: start unclutter on boot Nov 10, 2019
compton/.config/compton Squash: Bunch of changes Nov 10, 2019
firefox firefox: set new tab background color Sep 23, 2019
kitty/.config/kitty kitty: some tuning Nov 9, 2019
libinput-gestures/.config gestures: update 33 finger right swipe Aug 4, 2019
nvim/.config/nvim nvim squash: Nov 12, 2019
polybar/.config/polybar Squash: Bunch of changes Nov 10, 2019
rofi/.config/rofi Round Corners everywhere Aug 3, 2019
sxhkd/.config/sxhkd flameshot: update save path Nov 9, 2019
system system: add xorg cursor config Nov 9, 2019
tmux tmux: add shortcut to kill pane Oct 2, 2019
vivaldi Refactor files into directories Mar 21, 2019
x X: cleanup arch leftovers Nov 9, 2019
zathura/.config/zathura dots: add zathura config Oct 17, 2019
zsh zsh: remove deps as well Nov 10, 2019
.gitignore stop spamming me with this file dolphin pl0x Sep 6, 2018 nvim: add mapping for notes and startify Oct 17, 2019


personal configuration for various packages




visualizer: glava clock: tty-clock system info: archLabs script (al-info) IDE: vscode (Theme: Material Ocean, font: DankMono)

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