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Read-only Slack RTM API CLI for monitoring teams
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res·pite (noun): a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant.

Read-only Slack RTM API client for spying on teams.

Respite is a terminal based, read-only client for Slack’s RTM API which authenticates using auth tokens to bypass 2FA and SSO.

Respite was developed to provide a useful tool for leveraging tokens acquired from the toke_em tool by @n0ncetonic


Run these commands.

git clone
cd respite
go build
go install

Using Respite

Assuming respite is in your path after a go install, respite can be called from any where.

An environment variable SLACK_TOKEN is expected to be set in order for respite to connect to Slack. For example:

export SLACK_TOKEN=xoxs-Your-Slack-Token-Here respite --log respite.log

By default respite does not persist logs to disk. If you would prefer to store logs to a file provide the --log <filename> flag. When using the --log flag all messages are written regardless of whether or not channel filtering is enabled in the client.


  • Use the up and down arrow keys to move the cursor up or down along the Channel List.

Channel Colors

  • Channels colored green are public channels the user you've authenticated as is a member of
  • Channels colored yellow are private channels the user you've authenticated as is a member of
  • Channels colored cyan are DMs to the user you've authenticated as


  • ^C - quit
  • Tab - disable message filtering
  • Enter - enable message filtering for channel under cursor

TODO : Write a better readme ...


Current stable version: 1.0.1

Current dev version: 1.0.1


  • Utilize legacy auth tokens to authenticate with Slack's RTM API
  • Receive messages posted into any channel/dm which your user has permissions to
  • Allow filtering of messages by channel/dm


  • Supports downloading files uploaded to team
  • Adds functionality to export team user profile directory
  • Adds function to export a channel's history
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