Keeping track of my work during my Mozilla Science Lab Fellowship
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Mozilla Science Fellowship 2015-2016 Resumé


  • Nov 30 - Dec 5: TReND Nairobi - Unix, programming, and next generation sequencing analysis
  • Feb 23-26: TGAC - Genome assembly
  • Mar 8-9: TGAC - Software Carpentry
  • Mar 13-17: TReND Khartoum - Unix, programming, and next generation sequencing analysis

Events / conferences

  • Nov 5-8: MozFest
  • Feb 1-5: 1st Berlin Fellows Workweek + Working Open Workshop
  • Feb 14-16: Gave two seminars @ Dundee Life Sciences
  • Mar 2: Openplant Open Science event @ TGAC / TSL
  • May 3-4: CSVConf v2
  • May 5-7: Mozfest Planning Retreat
  • May 8-13: 2nd Berlin Fellows Workweek
  • Jun 2-3: Mozilla Global Sprint
  • Jul 18-22: COKO Foundation future of publishing workshop
  • Jul 26 -Aug 2: Final fellows workweek, Nairobi


Along with @joeyklee, we coined the 'sprint' model for the fellowship

  • ScienceFair - a distributed science library now funded by eLife [approaching v1]
  • Command-line bootcamp and its github repo. A browser-based adventure where you learn the unix command-line from scratch. Beginner friendly! [fairly complete]
  • slidewinder - a new way to make, share and remix slides [incomplete]
  • MozMap - an app to help you navigate the conceptual landscape of MozFest created by @joeyklee and I during MozFest 2015 [usable, but will be improved before Mozfest 2016]

Groups and organisations I've become involved with

  • Code for Science
  • Mozilla
  • COKO foundation
  • Science Lab Working Open Workshop cohort

Getting and managing the fellowship