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A Collection of High Performance Parallel Skeletons for Tree Search Problems

Warning: This library is currently experimental and should be considered very unstable

Skeletons are designed to be used with the HPX parallel library/runtime

Installation Instructions

Via Nix

The quickest way to get up and running is to use Nix and the included default.nix file to build YewPar (including the required dependencies). Once you have Nix installed run:


To build YewPar and it's test applications into ./result/. Note: The first time you run this command Nix needs to build HPX which may take some time.

When executing the test applications first start a nix-shell to ensure the correct runtime libraries are loaded.

Via CMake

YewPar and it's test applications can also be built using CMake. For example:

git clone
cd YewPar
mkdir build
cd build

cmake \
 -DHPX_DIR=<pathToHPX>/hpx/hpx_build/lib/cmake/HPX/ \
 -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$(pwd)/install \
make && make install

Be sure to add build/install/lib and the hpx runtime libraries to your linker path.

Available Skeletons

YewPar currently supports three types of search:

  1. Divide and Conquer (currently unmaintained)
  2. Tree Enumeration - Count the number of nodes in a tree
  3. Decision Branch and Bound - Does a solution with bound X exist?
  4. Optimisation Branch and Bound - Find a solution maximising an objective function

There are many skeletons available. An incomplete list is:

  1. Sequential (Stack or Recursive) - No parallelism constructs added.
  2. Parallel - Using the hpx::async mechanism (similar to how we might use something like Cilk)
  3. Dist - Multi-locality support leveraging distributed workqueues
  4. Indexed - Track the path's through the tree and use this to recompute initial nodes rather than sending them
  5. GenNode - Steal directly from the stacks of other threads

Special Skeletons:

  1. Ordered Skeleton for Branch and Bound Search - From Replicable Parallel Branch and Bound Search with a slightly different discrepancy order (count discrepancies, no accounting for the depth they occur at)

Sample Applications

YewPar currently comes with a couple of example applications that are built during the install. By default these binaries are placed in ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/bin and require ${CMAKE_ISNTALL_PREFIX}/lib to be on the linker path. Current applications are:

  • Divide and Conquer

    • Fibonnaci
  • Enumeration (Counting)

  • Decision:

    • k-clique (part of the maxcliuqe application)
  • Branch and Bound

    • Maximum Clique
    • 0/1 Knapsack
    • Maximum Common Subgraph (via Clique encoding i.e very like Maximum Clique)

For a description of how to run the application you can pass the -h flag to the binary. A sample command line looks like follows:

mpiexec -n 2 ./install/bin/maxclique-8 --input-file brock200_1.clq --skeleton-type dist --spawn-depth 2 --hpx:threads 8