School projects in Python that use the arcade library (
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School projects in Python that use the arcade library (


I didn't really plan on this being something you could just easily download and play, so you will have to install Python and get an IDE and all that stuff. I will try to provide steps on how to do this:

  1. Install python
  2. Install the Arcade Library, I used a library made by Dr. Craven that can be found here
  3. Install an IDE, I used PyCharm but feel free to use whatever works for you.

After doing all of that, you should be able to get the files for the game from this github, put it into the IDE and run it. I will try putting a download link on the github so you don't have to deal with git commands.

The Great Skeleton War:

This is a tower defence game that has three seperate ages. The Stone Age, the Medieval Age, and the Modern Age. In each age you get new towers that you can buy. There's a horde of skeletons coming to destroy your village and as the game progresses stronger skeletons spawn in higher quantities. Oh, also you're a wizard that can cast spells. You can unlock new spells or upgrade your spells by killing enemies and leveling up.

Just as a fair warning, the game gets very laggy around wave 20+ because of the large amount of enemies. It will still work, just expect a large FPS drop.

I've also included a console feature where you can press ~ to type in the following commands:

  1. quit - Exits the game
  2. win - Makes you win the game
  3. lose - Instantly destroys your village
  4. restart - Restarts the game
  5. restoremana - Restores your mana to the maximum value
  6. nextage - Sets you to the next age
  7. killall - Kills all enemies on the screen
  8. endwave - Ends the wave and clears the enemy spawning queue
  9. spawndata - Tells you how many enemies are left in the spawning queue
  10. tgm - Sets your level to 10, gives you thousands of mana, speed, population, and money.
  11. player.levelup - Levels up the player (ex: player.levelup for one level or player.levelup 3 for 3 levels)
  12. player.givespell - Gives the player the specified spell (ex: player.giveskill Inferno)
  13. player.giveskill - Gives the player the specified skill (ex: player.giveskill Blistering)
  14. player.setmana - Sets current mana (not max mana) (ex: player.setmana 50)
  15. player.setmaxmana - Sets max mana (ex: player.setmaxmana 100)
  16. player.givexp - Gives experience (ex: player.givexp 10)
  17. player.setspeed - Sets movement speed of player (ex: player.setspeed 10)
  18. game.setpopulation - Sets population of your village (ex: game.setpopulation 100)
  19. game.setwave - Sets current wave (ex: game.setwave 10)
  20. game.givemoney - Gives you money (ex: game.givemoney 100)
  21. game.setage - Sets the age (ex: game.setage medieval)
  22. game.spawnenemy - Spawns an enemy (ex: game.spawnenemy raptor)
  23. where the wild things are - ???