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CSE Schedulizer

Ruby on Rails Project

This project is a scheduling tool that makes it easy to find rate my professors ratings for Ohio State classes that CSE students may interested in. It also does a sort of CSE only degree audit. To run the app, run the following commands

$ rake routes $ rake db:migrate $ rake db:setup $ rails server (default address is typically localhost:3000)

Be patient with the setup command. It takes a little bit to complete. After you have the rails server running, navigate to the given setup page.


####Brett Boehmer

  • Added functionality of the Search Page
  • Wrote favorites controller and view
  • Wrote code to display table in past courses view
  • Wrote code to help user understand each web page

####Blake Howard

  • Wrote style.css, navbarStyle.css (and styled views using classes in these files)
  • Wrote _navbar.html.erb (partial)
  • Wrote navFunc.js
  • Wrote registerLayout.html.erb
  • Wrote layout functionality in controllers

####Jason Kline

  • Added relations to the database
  • Added favorites table to homescreen
  • Helped Kyle create degree requirements search
  • Set up the seeds.rb file to do database setup
  • Helped Yuzhao and Brett to get the controllers for favorites and past courses working

####Kyle Hutchinson

  • Created starting index page
  • Created starting about us page
  • Created and wrote the algorithm for degree requirements search (with Jason's help)
  • Created basic styling for website (later to be replaced with Blake's styling)
  • Coded in required courses for graduation on seeds.rb page

####Yuzhao Li

  • Set up the ruby on rails and devise
  • Created the database model
  • Wrote the CSS for index page
  • Wrote the past_courses controller and view

###Testing Testing was done with a variety of use cases:

  • Run $rake db:setup and ensure that course numbers, instructors, etc. match up with official schedule.
  • Create a users and ensure they can log in and log out
  • Have a user add favorites and past courses
  • Ensure the required courses page matches with their past_courses
  • Multiple users signing up and adding courses to past and favorite course. Ensure that only their courses and not those of other users are associated with them.
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