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(ns brain.fuck
(def ptr (atom 0)) ; Initialize the pointer to 0
(def cells (atom (vec (repeat 30000 0)))) ; Plenty of room!
(defn start [place commands]
(loop [brackets 1]
(when-not (zero? brackets)
(swap! place inc)
(case (nth commands @place)
\] (recur (dec brackets))
\[ (recur (inc brackets))
(recur brackets)))))
(defn end [place commands]
(loop [brackets 1]
(when-not (zero? brackets)
(swap! place dec)
(case (nth commands @place)
\] (recur (inc brackets))
\[ (recur (dec brackets))
(recur brackets)))))
(defn exec-command [commands place]
(case (nth commands @place)
\> (swap! ptr inc)
\< (swap! ptr dec)
\+ (reset! cells (assoc @cells @ptr (inc (get @cells @ptr))))
\- (reset! cells (assoc @cells @ptr (dec (get @cells @ptr))))
\. (do
(print (char (get @cells @ptr)))
\, (reset! cells (assoc @cells @ptr (int (char (. System/in read)))))
\[ (if (== (get @cells @ptr) 0)
(start place commands))
\] (if-not (== (get @cells @ptr) 0)
(end place commands))
(defn interpret [commands]
(loop [place (atom 0)]
(exec-command commands place)
(swap! place inc)
(if-not (= @place (count commands))
(recur place))))
(defn -main [& args]
(if (nth args 0)
(interpret (slurp (nth args 0)))
(println "Please specify a file")))
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