Quickly insert debugger statements into your buffer based on filetype.
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Insert pry statements quickly and easily into your buffer based on the filetype.

tl;dr put nmap <leader>d :call pry#insert()<cr> somewhere in your .vimrc.


In vim make a mapping to call pry#insert() and when you're in a file with the appropriate entry in g:pry_map vim-pry will insert the appropriate text.

For example, calling pry#insert() in a Ruby file will insert require 'pry'; binding.pry, JavaScript will insert debugger; etc.

You probably want to define a mapping to this function for ease of use: nmap <leader>d :call pry#insert()<cr>.


This works based on a global dictionary variable called g:pry_map. The key is the filetype and the value is the text to insert.

Lets say you're a JavaScript developer and a stroke of genius hits you and you decide that alert('hit!'); is better than debugger;. You could replace the mapping with let g:pry_map.javascript = "alert('hit');".

You can use the same syntax to add entries as well. For more information on using dictionaries in Vim, check out the chapter in Learn Vimscript the Hard Way

If this plugin is missing an entry please consider making a pull request adding it.


You should probably be using vim-plug. Add the following to your ~/.vimrc file, or wherever you keep your bundles.

Plugin 'BlakeWilliams/vim-pry'