Think of a conveyor-belt... Published content moves through "Upcoming" menu section, into "Current" menu section and finally to the "Archive" menu section; all based on published date. All sections are configurable, including the duration in each section. Oh yes; there's a few more features as well, like hidden pages...
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Bludit v2.2.x
Bludit v2.3.x Admin menu
Bludit v2.3.x
Bludit v3.0.x

Bludit Plugin: "Auto-Archive-Menu-Plus-More"

Version control and installation.

I will not be testing this plugin against all releases of Bludit. As and when I upgrade my Bludit website and find it to be incompatible with this plugin I will endeavor to fix the issue.

For version control, I will start a new folder that will be a complete plugin and independent of other versions.

After downloading and extracting the zip file, look in the relevant folder applicable for you Bludit version and upload the 'Auto-Archive-Menu-Plus-More' folder into the 'bl-plugins' folder on your website. Then activate and configure as needed.


Think of a conveyor-belt...

... Published content moves through three different sections automatically based on the published DATE:

  1. "Upcoming" menu section
  2. "Current" menu section
  3. "Archive" menu section

All sections are configurable:

  • Set if the section is active or not (excluding "Current")
  • Section label names can be changed
  • Set if children should show or not
  • For each independent section, set the duration of time (weeks at the moment) content appears in it
  • What to do about nothing? Automatically shows or hides the section label if no content is found
  • Fill-in text if nothing is found and label is shown <-- in progress.
  • If "Upcoming" menu section is disabled, "Current" menu section automatically starts immediately.

Oh yes; there are a few more features as well...

  • Hide pages with a named Category.
  • A built in "Static Menu" - derived from the standard Bludit "Static Menu" plug-in, but honoring the hidden pages category.
  • Enable/Disable Home page withing Static Pages
  • Special menu Section for Admin/Editors when logged in. - added for plugin ver 2.3.2
    NB: Still there for Bludit 3.x but NOT now restricted to Admit/Editors because bludit 3 does not give out user roles any more... hope to add it back it sometime...

Built initially to auto-archive a programme of events for a concert club after a number of weeks had elapsed but became a little more than that.