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This was a GitHub Noop Challenge, in this challenge they give you access to an API, which generates a random hex value, or a random hex value from a seed.

The original repo is here:

The updated repo is here:

The challenge is here:

This is my first time working with images, and API so excuse the crappie code please :))


Python 3

Linux install:

pip3 install pillow
pip3 install certify
pip3 install urllib3
pip3 install urllib3[secure]

Windows install:

pip install pillow
pip install certify
pip install urllib3
pip install urllib3[secure]

🖍 What can you do?

Still in development, but so far two functions have been created:

Generate colour blocks

This simply generates a 100*100 image and saves it into the blocks directory, just run the python file and enter 1, and they will be generated

Create from two values

This funtion requests 10,000 hex values, saves them unsorted as image, then sorts the pixels in value. I will be adding option to add seed as this works the best with it.

Seed of FF7F50, FF8C00


Unsorted Seed Pixels


Sorted Seed Pixels

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