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+# Hacking Manokwari
+## Use local system
+Instead of installing the "system" directory in the system, it is a good idea to hack your own "system", ie. just do the hacking inside
+system/ directory instead of /usr/share/manokwari/system, so no sudo required.
+Do this by giving --enable-devel
+This way, Manokwari will find system directory from your current directory source tree.
+## Speed up hack-compile-run time
+Because the nature of Manokwari as desktop shell, it's cumbersome to logout and login again to run Manokwari.
+There's a few tricks to make sure you won't waste your time waiting Manokwari to run.
+### Use virtual machine
+After a complete installation of the desktop, you can do this:
+- mount (eg. using sshfs) your current source directory in your virtual machine. Make sure you have the EXACT full path to the system directory.
+ Meaning that if your source code in your development machine is in /home/you/src/manokwari, then in your virtual machine, you must
+ /home/you/src/manokwari as well. Otherwise the system/ will not be found.
+- Then you can just run manokwari from src/ directly inside your virtual machine
+- If you're able to access your virtual machine using ssh, you can have 2 tab setups in your console, one inside your own computer,
+ and the other is on your virtual machine. You compile in one tab, and switch to another to run. Win.
+### Run in nested X server
+If you want to touch only the HTML side, you can just use a nested X server, eg. Xephyr.
+This may give some warnings as Manokwari will fail to register itself as desktop or panel component in GNOME session.
+This is because your desktop in your main X server already register for those capabilities.
+You can do the following:
+- export DISPLAY to whatever your nested X server display number is
+- Run manokwari as usual
+### Run without GNOME session
+With this you will lose GNOME session capabilities, eg. you can't logout, shutdown, testing different screen sizes, etc.
+But you can quickly run Manokwari in this way.
+- Stop all desktop managers (gdm, lightdm, etc)
+- Run X manually
+- Run Manokwari inside the X you just started

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