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BlankOn Repository - Total Packages and Sizes

This Git repository contains scripts I use to gather and visualize the BlankOn repositories in terms of total packages and their total size.

Check the GitHub page for the result -


I took the package index files (a.k.a. Packages file) and counted the number of packages inside. I also summed the size of each packages to get the size of the repository. The files are from the "at-release" repository which means I excluded the -updates and -security repositories. The at-release repository is presumably frozen and therefore the size won’t change anymore, where the latest two repositories are for the updates, which by definition are always updated. Well.. except when the release is not supported anymore.

How To Run?

First, adjust the list of repositories, archive urls, etc in the file.

$ vi

Then, download all index files

$ python data/

The files will be downloaded into the given data directory. In the above example, the data directory is data/.

After that, run the analysis script to collect all numbers from the index files. Put the result into a file so we don't need to do this again.

$ python data/ > out/raw-data.json

Once it's ready, run the visualization script to create codes needed to make charts using Google Chart API.

$ python out/raw-data.json > out/data.js

Finally, open the HTML page I made to show the data.

$ xdg-open index.html