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Releases: BlankSourceCode/obs-zoom-to-mouse


30 Nov 21:57
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OBS-Zoom-To-Mouse v1.0.1

This release adds Mac and Linux support!

  • Added Mac and Linux support (see readme for more details)
  • Fixed issues with blinking
  • Replaced old force transform button with new <None> zoom source for removing the zoom filter/changes to the transform
  • Added Refresh button for repopulating the zoom source dropdown


28 Nov 02:56
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OBS-Zoom-To-Mouse v1.0.0

This is the initial release of the script (though you can always get any version by downloading a specific commit)

  • Selectable zoom source
  • Configurable zoom between 1x and 5x
  • Configurable animation and tracking speeds
  • Hotkeys for toggling zoom and mouse tracking
  • Option to select non-display capture sources (though you need to manually set position/size values)