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我如今是一名 Android Developer,大学的我曾是一名 ACMer,我一直认为数据结构和算法是作为一名程序员必须掌握和善于利用的,为了不让数据结构和算法淡出我的记忆,所以我打算重拾 LeetCode 之 Algorithm,语言选择的是 Java,题库会一点点完善起来,按简单,中等,困难分类,相应难度下按题号排序,源代码在 src 目录中,相关解题都在 note 目录中,想要学习数据结构和算法或打算刷 LeetCode 的小伙伴们欢迎 star 哦。

如今有机会面试 Facebook,附上 LeetCode 上 Facebook 的面试题目序号,希望可以帮助到以后想入 Facebook 的小伙伴:-)


如果想知道更多公司 LeetCode 面试题,可以参看


明有科举八股,今有 LeetCode。
八股定格式而取文采心意,LeetCode 定题目且重答案背诵。
美其名曰:"practice makes perfect."
科举为国取士,LeetCode 为 Google 筛码工,各取所需也。


# Title Tag
1 Two Sum Array, Hash Table
7 Reverse Integer Math
9 Palindrome Number Math
13 Roman to Integer Math, String
14 Longest Common Prefix String
16.11 跳水板(Diving Board LCCI) 递归、记忆化
20 Valid Parentheses Stack, String
21 Merge Two Sorted Lists Linked List
26 Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array Array, Two Pointers
27 Remove Element Array, Two Pointers
28 Implement strStr() Two Pointers, String
35 Search Insert Position String
38 Count and Say String
53 Maximum Subarray Array, Divide and Conquer, Dynamic Programming
58 Length of Last Word String
66 Plus One Array, Math
67 Add Binary Math, String
69 Sqrt(x) Binary Search, Math
70 Climbing Stairs Dynamic Programming
83 Remove Duplicates from Sorted List Linked List
88 Merge Sorted Array Array, Two Pointers
100 Same Tree Tree, Depth-first Search
101 Symmetric Tree Tree, Depth-first Search, Breadth-first Search
104 Maximum Depth of Binary Tree Tree, Depth-first Search
107 [Binary Tree Level Order Traversal II][107] Tree, Breadth-first Search
108 Convert Sorted Array to Binary Search Tree Tree, Depth-first Search
110 Balanced Binary Tree Tree, Depth-first Search
111 Minimum Depth of Binary Tree Tree, Depth-first Search, Breadth-first Search
112 Path Sum Tree, Depth-first Search
118 Pascal's Triangle Array
119 Pascal's Triangle II Array
121 Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock Array, Dynamic Programmin
122 Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock II Array, Greedy
543 Diameter of Binary Tree Tree


# Title Tag
2 Add Two Numbers Linked List, Math
3 Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters Hash Table, Two Pointers, String
5 Longest Palindromic Substring String, Dynamic Programming
6 ZigZag Conversion String
8 String to Integer (atoi) Math, String
11 Container With Most Water Array, Two Pointers
12 Integer to Roman Math, String
15 3Sum Array, Two Pointers
15 3Sum Closest Array, Two Pointers
17 Letter Combinations of a Phone Number String, Backtracking
18 4Sum Array, Hash Table, Two Pointers
19 Remove Nth Node From End of List Linked List, Two Pointers
22 Generate Parentheses String, Backtracking
24 Swap Nodes in Pairs Linked List
29 Divide Two Integers Math, Binary Search
33 Search in Rotated Sorted Array Arrays, Binary Search
43 Multiply Strings Math, String
49 Group Anagrams Hash Table, String
50 Pow(x, n) Math, Binary Search
56 Merge Intervals Array, Sort
63 不同路径 II(Unique Paths II) 数组、动态规划
209 长度最小的子数组(Minimum Size Subarray Sum) 数组、双指针、二分查找
215 数组中的第K个最大元素(Kth Largest Element in an Array) 堆、分治算法
554 Brick Wall Hash Table
1014 最佳观光组合(Best Sightseeing Pair) 数组


# Title Tag
4 Median of Two Sorted Arrays Array, Binary Search, Divide and Conquer
10 Regular Expression Matching String, Dynamic Programming, Backtracking
23 Merge k Sorted Lists Linked List, Divide and Conquer, Heap
25 Reverse Nodes in k-Group Linked List
30 Substring with Concatenation of All Words Hash Table, Two Pointers, String
44 Wildcard Matching String, Dynamic Programming, Backtracking, Greedy
57 Insert Interval Array, Sort
68 Text Justification String
1028 从先序遍历还原二叉树(Recover a Tree From Preorder Traversal) 树、深度优先搜索