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Twitter Interface module for MagicMirror2.

Note: This module will only display tweets posted since the mirror was started.



  1. Clone this repo into your modules directory.
  2. Execute npm install in this module's directory.
  3. Configure your config.js file with your twitter access tokens:
			module: 'twitControl',
			position: 'top_left',
			config: {
				maxNumTweets: 5,
				streamType: 'followings',
				api_keys: {
					consumer_key: 'YOUR CONSUMER KEY',
					consumer_secret: 'YOUR CONSUMER SECRET',
					access_token_key: 'YOUR ACCESS TOKEN KEY',
					access_token_secret: 'YOUR ACCESS TOKEN SECRET'


Option Description
maxNumTweets The maximum number of tweets to display at any given time. (0 for unlimited)
streamType The type of API stream to receive. Can be user or followings. Check the Twitter API for more.