Create builds for the game Awesomenauts in this web-application. Data are stored in a API that can be updated by members of the community.
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About Nautsbuilder V2

Nautsbuilder V2 is a web application to share builds for the game Awesomenauts, the data is kept up to date by the community. You can find a live version of it on my website here:

How is the data updated

Characters, skills, upgrades and configuration are stored in a big spreadsheet that can be pushed to the server using this link Only people with a special privilege can change the live version. If you are interested in updating the data, join and ask Blatoy#1574. You can find a copy of this spreadsheet with a description on how it works here: please note that this isn't the current version of the spreadsheet.

API format

The API is a "static" API that can be updated using the page linked above. You can check the API format by pressing "Export JSON" in the spreadsheet linked above. It does also have a "dynamic" API used to report problems. I don't have any plan to release the API for the 3 following reasons:

  • APIs handling characters data just display the exported JSON string from spreadsheet.
  • It uses libraries from Orikaru that I don't want to share.
  • You can use the live API located at If you are struggling to implement the API PM me and I'll explain you how the APIs does work in more detail.

What need to be changed when cloning the project to make it work

  • config.js => Make sure all paths are correct (ctrl-f "/nautsbuilder/")
  • index.html => Make sure all paths are correct (ctrl-f "/nautsbuilder/")
  • main.css => Make sure all paths are correct (ctrl-f "/nautsbuilder/")


Inspired by the first version of this tool by Leimi: and kept up to date by the community (you can find a list on the live website). This tool was made from scratch by Blatoy using jQuery Images taken from the game Awesomenauts