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Blaze-Persistence - Roadmap

As a side note, we are naming releases after Marvel comic characters since we like the Avengers :)

2.2 Kang

  • Chunk-Processing support

  • Spatial/Range datatype support

  • RDBMS array datatype support

  • Full query parser and EntityManager implementation

  • Deep EclipseLink integration

  • Deep DataNuceleus integration

2.1 Black Panther

  • JPA static metamodel

  • Custom static metamodel

  • Dedicated Java 8 API

2.0 Drax

  • Debezium integration

  • API refactorings

1.7 Enchantress

  • Table function support

  • Merge operation support

  • Interval arithmetics support

  • Entity view collection attribute filters

1.6 Lockjaw

  • Specification(like JpaSpecification in Spring) for Spring Data and DeltaSpike Data

  • CDI/Spring integration for listeners and services

  • DataNucleus 5.1 integration

  • Returning clause emulation

1.5 Zemo [RELEASED]

  • Allow predicates as array index expression

  • Allow arbitrary expression as array index expression

  • Support for mapping List index and Map key through separate expression in Entity Views

  • Support fetching Entity View attributes through JSON/XML functions

  • Entity View builder API

  • Entity View annotation processor for static metamodel, implementation and builder implementations

  • Quarkus integration and support for native compilation

1.4 Coulson [RELEASED]

  • Option for CTE inlining

  • LATERAL join support

  • Window function support

  • Entity view lifecycle listeners

  • Entity view integration with REST technologies

1.3 Fury [RELEASED]

  • EMBEDDING_VIEW function support

  • Use of entity collection DML for updatable entity views

  • OUTER support for subquery correlation path

1.2 Ink [RELEASED]

  • TREAT support

  • Entity view correlation

  • Entity view fetch strategies

  • Entity view partial updates

  • Spring Data Entity View Support

  • VALUES clause support

  • SQL Server & Oracle support

1.1 - Loki [RELEASED]

  • Multiple from clause support

  • Group concat function

  • Date, and Datetime diff functions

  • CTE support

  • Set operation support

  • JPA bulk operation support

  • Hibernate bulk insert support

  • Embeddable entity views

  • Entity view metamodel checker

1.0 - Yellow Claw [RELEASED]

  • Initial release with basic query functionality and entity views

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