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1.14.010 dec 2019

  • turn off Python 2 support
  • many updates of selenium code generator (smart_transaction, multi locators, new actions)
  • improve SoapUI converter
  • add local monitoring dump
  • add 'think-time' to molotov and 'timeout' to ab
  • documentation fixes
  • log java version
  • fix 'sequential' param priority
  • fix taurus site bugs
  • fix Windows Installer
  • fix logging of Robot tool
  • fix locust compatibility

1.13.914 oct 2019

  • add support concurrency and ramp-up modifications for NUnit tests
  • add include-scenario feature to apiritif code generation
  • add CTG support to jmx2yaml
  • add support of Python 3.7
  • add resizeWindow and maximizeWindow to selenium actions
  • support wildcards (*) in command line overrides
  • fix cloud project choosing limitation
  • fix proxy2jmx hanging
  • fix PassFail & Monitoring interplay
  • fix cookies saving algorithm
  • fix Newman cookie iterator
  • fix gatling >3.1.2 hanging
  • fix JMeter errors reading
  • improve cloud test mode detection (for selenium tests)
  • increase force shutdown delay for for JMeter distributed test
  • fix documentation (apiritif, passfail, jmeter)
  • fix yaml parsing (numeric labels)
  • Taurus site improvements (styles, tab titles, statistics of usage)
  • move docker image on Bionic Beaver
  • update obsolete components (nokogiri, requests)

1.13.807 jul 2019

  • add random CSV feeder to JMX generator
  • expand on-the-fly convertion of soapui to all executors
  • fix Gatling classpath in generated launcher
  • add provisioning capacity feature
  • add bytes passfail criteria
  • add support of new Node.js (8+)
  • fix Gatling csv handling
  • fix Jmeter load defaults
  • fix cumulative time stats on dashboard
  • fix site deploying flow

1.13.729 may 2019

  • update default gatling version to 3.1.2
  • set iteration default for Jmeter into 1
  • fix gatling props encoding
  • fix locust aggregation bug
  • fix order of capabilities assembling
  • filter out included-configs from cloud YAML
  • fix site styles

1.13.66 may 2019

  • fix issues of pip package for previous version
  • default empty concurrency in JMeter JMX as 1
  • handle JMeter install check failures properly
  • fix OSX mouse wheel binding, document dashboard scaling
  • fix Gatling getting u prefix to simulation name (and other properties)
  • handle quitting event from locust to ignore restrictions on teardown

1.13.530 apr 2019

  • default iterations are now 1 as opposed to infinity in the past
  • add env option reading for each execution
  • set special env vars for ShellExec commands, containing Taurus exit code
  • fix TST having 0 as start value in case test is very long
  • add check and warning for Java version used with Gatling
  • add jartool options (version, path, download_link)
  • don't pass null address to Apiritif
  • share webdriver instance between test methods of Selenium script
  • store browser in lowercase
  • send capabilities to webdriver as is
  • check capabilities for 'browser' option
  • avoid explicit RemoteDriver request
  • roll back Gatling script changes for Windows

1.13.431 mar 2019

  • bump up default JMeter version to 5.1.1
  • for external results loader, allow specifying files under scenario
  • fix external results loader hanging on small result files
  • save some RAM if result readers have read enough data into buffers
  • support set-variables action for Apiritif executor
  • support CSV reading in Apiritif executor
  • print stderr/stdout for failed subprocesses in tool checks
  • walk into YAML transaction blocks for all executors
  • for Thread Groups that have 0 concurrency, disable them
  • for Apiritif threads, handle variable scope properly
  • change ignore-labels behavior to prefix instead of exact match
  • change the way detailed error info matched to datapoints, for future bug catch
  • read more of error.jtl in single pass
  • add url parameters support for JMeter
  • fix 'None' iterations written into JMeter CTG
  • remember rolling concurrency to avoid fuzziness in multi-executor case
  • use HTTPS to check for version upgrade needs
  • YAML syntax: support uniform, gaussian and poisson think-times for JMeter
  • filter token and some other options from config when running -cloud
  • make Java presence checks softer
  • fix env vars not passed to Plugins Manager
  • support keystore configuration for jmeter executor in YAML
  • allow spaces to be used in Gatling properties

1.13.324 feb 2019

  • use safe_ version of YAML functions because of CVE-2017-18342
  • add response message to assertion error in JMeter, controlled by flag
  • copy TG properties from existing JMX into modified: thread delay, scheduler delay, iterations limit
  • add rawCode action type to Python YAML scripting
  • add generator of Gatling 3.X launcher
  • support reading groups for Gatling 3.x
  • fix broken GROUP reading from Gatling log
  • for Gatling, parse but actually XXX is not less than or equal to YYY errors into RC
  • allow specifying pass/fail criteria per-execution
  • fix ab launching options for older versions of httpd-tools
  • better cleanup for config sent to cloud from -cloud runs
  • fix variable interpolation in Selenium scripts
  • don't overwrite selenium runner class inside executor, it caused bugs
  • run shellexec tasks with unified runner, don't allow PIPE output for background tasks to avoid hanging
  • write exception details into log, when class not found in Java Selenium
  • handle failed assertions and exceptions in Locust tests
  • add assertion results to report for Newman
  • expanded NUnitRunner to write test context properties to NUnitExecutor.ldjson for parsing later on. Any objects in the test context will be listed in under extras.test_context
  • remove shared env object from internal fields
  • ignore SKIPPED samples from functional executors, when in load mode
  • add bzt-python command to Taurus distribution for Windows

Changelog for Year 2018

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