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An add-on that seamlessly blends Gizmo and Modal operations.


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The moment you start using Gizmodal Ops you’ll never want to go back to standard Blender ever again. This is a more intuitive way of working that you need to experience to understand. It seamlessly blends two workflows already in Blender into one harmonious workflow.

For Blender 2.83 and above.


  • Access Gizmo and modal operations with one shortcut.
  • Makes working in Blender much easier & more intuitive.
  • Indispensable for teachers.

How to install this addon:

  • In Blender, go to Edit->Preferences->Addons
  • Click "Install"
  • Select "" from your downloads folder
  • Click "Install Addon"
  • Enable the addon (Tick the checkbox on the left)

How to use Gizmodal Ops:

When using Blender, the shortcuts G / R / S enable the corresponding Gizmos. Press X / Y / Z to activate the Modal Operator:

Press G then Press X - Gizmo Ops vs. Modal Ops

Pressing G / R / S and moving the mouse enables the modal operator as well:

Hold G + move mouse - Gizmo Ops vs. Modal Ops

How change Gizmodal Ops settings:

  • Go to Sidebar (N-Panel) -> View -> Gizmodal Ops
  • Change the settings to your preferred values
  • Make sure your preferences are saved. If "Auto-save preferences" is disabled, go to Edit->Preferences->Save Preferences

Go to Sidebar > View > Gizmodal Ops to change the options.