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Gulp plugin which splits CSS files suitably for Internet Explorer < 10
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Gulp plugin which splits CSS files suitably for Internet Explorer < 10.

This is the a Gulp wrapper around bless.js (see


Description CSS post-processor which splits CSS files suitably for Internet Explorer < 10. Bless + Gulp = gulp-bless.
Node Version >= 0.9


npm install gulp-bless


var gulp = require('gulp');
var bless = require('gulp-bless');

gulp.task('css', function() {

gulp.task('default', ['watch']);

// Rerun the task when a file changes
gulp.task('watch', function () {'./css/*.css', ['css']);

bless(options). The (optional) options argument is passed on to bless.js. You can also include a log option to control whether Gulp should log output which defaults to false (this isn't passed to bless.js).

Bless' options are listed here: paulyoung/bless.js/blob/master/bin/blessc#L10. For example, if you didn't want the first CSS chunk / "blessed" file to @import the others, then you'd do this:

            imports: false

Note: Breaking change as of 3.0.0; the options did not fallback to the bless.js' defaults when missing, but do now.

A note about sourcemaps:

If you're using a CSS pre-processor which creates inline sourcemaps bless.js will take a very long time to run. It's recommended that you don't pass files containing inline sourcemaps to gulp-bless. If you do want to use sourcemaps then create them as a separate .map file.

If you can't create separate sourcemap files — such as if you are using ~v0.7 of gulp-sass which uses libsass — consider creating a minified version of your CSS (using something like gulp-minify-css) which strips out the inline sourcemap and running gulp-bless on that, then include that file in production whilst still including your development version with its inline sourcemap when developing locally.

Warning: gulp-bless has changed a lot since 1.0.0

  • It no longer concatenates all files that come down the pipeline.
  • fileName can no longer be passed directly to the plugin itself.
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