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Blightmud : A mud client for the terminal

Blightmud has been a passion project of mine for some time. A big user of the old but great tinyfugue I always wanted to create my own similar mud client. Even though I don't play much muds these days.

The name?

The client is written in rust. Some navigating throught the thesaurus brought me to the word blight and here we are.


  • Completely terminal based (mac and linux)
  • Telnet:
    • TLS connections
    • GMCP support
    • MSDP support
    • MCCP2 support (compress2)
  • Lua scripting:
    • Output and sending
    • Aliases
    • Triggers
    • Timers
    • Customizing status bar
    • Persistent storage
    • Session storage
    • Keybindings
    • Audio playback (music/ambiance and sound effects)
    • Text-To-Speech
    • Mouse scrolling
    • Plugins
    • Sockets (TCP connecting and sending only)
  • Low resource and fast
  • In client help and manuals
  • Native Text-To-Speech functionality (optional compile)
  • Text searching
  • Tab completion
  • Split view when scrolling
  • Screen reader friendly mode




  • Install rust
  • Run cargo build to compile
  • Run cargo run to run

Dependencies include, openssl, alsa-libs and pkg-config

  • Ubuntu apt install pkg-config libopenssl-dev libasound2-dev
  • Arch pacman -S pkgconf alsa-lib openssl

Compile with text-to-speech

  • Install rust
  • Run cargo build --all-features to compile
  • Run cargo run --all-features to run

In order for this to build correctly you will need to install some additional dev dependencies: libclang and libspeechd. Below are some installation commands that might fit your system:

  • Ubuntu apt install libclang-dev libspeechd-dev speech-dispatcher speech-dispatcher-espeak espeak
  • Arch pacman -S speech-dispatcher espeak


  • Ubuntu/Debian : Deb packages can be found on the releases page
  • Archlinux/Manjaro : Packages are available on AUR
  • NixOS/Nix : Packages are available in NixPkgs.
  • Mac/Homebrew : We have a homebrew tap brew tap Blightmud/blightmud (intel only, if you're on Apple Silcon (darwin) compiling is the best option)
  • Cargo : If you have rust installed just run cargo install --git blightmud from your favourite terminal.
  • Other/Alternative : Download source and run cargo install --path . from the project root
  • Windows : No native windows support but Blightmud runs fine under WSL

Support, questions and help

Join our discord post an issue or post a question in discussions


All contributions are welcome. Check out contributing guidelines.

Side notes

This is my first rust project that has actually grown a bit. Some things might look silly but thanks to rust they should still be safe. Anywho. If you find some antipattern where you have a better idea I'm more then happy to se the PR and learn some more rustier ways.