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Assets 2
  • updated to BlinkID Android v4.0.0 and BlinkID iOS v4.0.0
    • BlinkID v4.0.0 for iOS and Android had major API change, please read more in this post
  • new API, which is not backwards compatible, but has lots of features that were not previously present, such as:
    • bindings for native iOS and Android SDKs
      • this basically lets you use any feature from native SDK directly from C# code
      • note that some features, such as custom UI development is currently not possible on Android, but this is a known issue and will be resolved in future release. iOS does not have these restrictions.
    • native support for Xamarin Forms - no need for specific iOS/Android development if only builtin recognizers and UI is used
    • NuGet packages that can be used directly from Visual Studio
  • new license key format - not backward compatible with old license keys. Please use Microblink Developer Dashboard to generate your new trial key.