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Attempted to reproduce some of the features of Beyond Compare 3 [BC3]. However, I realized that BC3 had much superior file comparison features, including speed and display, than I could make in my spare time.

Perhaps in the future, I will attempt to re-attempt the comparisons.


  • proto.pyw
  • ptt.exe
  • History


  • Python 2.7
  • wxPython 64bit for Python 2.7
  • Beyond Compare 3


This is the main application, built using wxPython. It has a window divided between the left and right panels with each having two further screens.

The top screens allow you to select the files you want to compare. There is a File button that opens up a dialog for you to pick a file. The filepath in the text field for each panel is the path in question. Both sides must have a file before it can execute properly. Please only use .pdf or .txt files. I have not tested the application using other file types.

You can select a field using the file button, or double clicking on a file in the grid. Moving directories via the grid is not implemented.


Launch files in Beyond Compare 3

Simple enough. Launch the two selected files in Beyond Compare 3.

Load Files

Puts the two selected files' contents into the bottom screens.

In-line BC3

Takes each bottom screens and loads them into Beyond Compare 3.

Remove Newlines

Removes all the newlines from the bottom screens.

Remove Dates

Removes all the dates from the bottom screens. BETA. I cannot guarantee this will not remove SOME really coincidental lines.


Clears the bottom screen.

One Duplicate

Removes one match from the bottom screens.

All Duplicates

Removes all matches from the bottom screens.

Set BC3 Path

If you've installed Beyond Compare 3 in a non-default directory, use this to select the new location of the BComp.exe file.

Set PTT Path

If you've moved the ptt.exe file, use this to select the new location of the ptt.exe file.


This is a pdf-to-text tool taken from Beyond Compare 3. It's necessary so that the application can Load PDF Files.


If you have any concerns or improvements to suggest, please e-mail and I'll get back to you. Thanks.