🔏 signify for Linux that uses instructions of modern CPUs
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Signify ported from OpenBSD to Linux

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with these differences:

  • Randomness is provided by syscall 'getrandom' (Linux ≥3.18)
  • or RDRAND.
  • Compiles to a static binary of less than 180KiB (less than 270KiB with Seccomp and musl-libc).

The resulting binary is licensed under the same terms as OpenBSD's signify. For the sources — please see the source files for their licensing terms, and if you are permitted to use them in another work.


In this example the binary file signify gets signed and verified:

# generate a keypair
$ signify -G -c "W. Mark Kubacki <wmark@hurrikane.de>" -p mark.pub -s mark.sec

# sign (usually a small file, like the output of: sha512sum …)
$ signify -S -x signify.sig -s mark.sec -m signify

# verify
$ signify -V -x signify.sig -p mark.pub -m signify
Signature Verified

Let X be the message (»file«), if X{,.sig} exist the signature file gets found automatically and you can write:

$ signify -V -p mark.pub -m X
Signature Verified