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Overview may be used to download replay packs (aggregated into zip files) via Blizzard Game Data APIs.

Preliminary Setup

  1. Create an account for calling the APIs in the Blizzard Developer Portal.
  2. Get API key and secret associated with the account.
    1. You can find them under the 'My Account' page after logging into the developer portal.


The script is written in Python. Dependant packages can be installed via:

pip install -r requirements.txt

How to run

Run providing:

  1. API client key <key>
  2. API client secret <secret>
  3. StarCraft II client version <version>
    1. Replays are version dependent. Ensure the version you request is consistent with the build environment in which you intend to utilize them.
    2. A version list can be found in /buildinfo/versions.json.
  4. Local Replay directory for storing the replays. <directory>
  5. Optionally add --extract to unzip them to the replay directory.
python --key=<key> --secret=<secret> --version=<version> --replays_dir=<directory> [--extract]

Once the script is run successfully, any matching replay packs will be downloaded to the directory provided.

To access StarCraft II replay packs, you must agree to the AI and Machine Learning License
The files are password protected with the password 'iagreetotheeula'.
By typing in the password ‘iagreetotheeula’ you agree to be bound by the terms of the AI and Machine Learning License