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A Hugo theme designed around simplicity and functionality above all else.
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Quick Overview

This project is basically my fork of Yoshiharu Yamashita’s Blackburn theme. Copyright (c) 2016 Yoshiharu Yamashita, MIT License.

I wanted to add a few things (most notably a table of contents sidebar that uses Bootstrap’s scrollspy to update based on page position). I shamelessly copied the table of contents from I tweaked some of the styling and reorganized the Javascript, but I essentially appropriated it wholesale. Copyright (c) 2016 Ircama, MIT License. The initial code comes from the Table of Contents Plugin for Bootstrap, Copyright (c) 2015 Aidan Feldman, MIT License.

I also wanted to change around the archetype structure to revolve around using Org mode via ox-hugo and my own publishing frontend. At the moment, this theme is setup explicitly for this workflow rather than markdown.

I have a lot of other plans for this theme eventually (e.g., restructuring the responsive menu to put it as a bar at the bottom of phone screens to make it thumb-accessible, writing a JavaScript page wrapper to allow for automatic pagination of pages to make reading on the site better by reducing cognitive load from scrolling, writing a fully filterable and customizable front-end for searching across Hugo taxonomies and archetypes, etc.). If I ever get the time.

At the moment, you should probably think of this more as a personal theme that I made so that I can easily clone it as a submodule for any sites I build that run my Org mode workflow, rather than a general theme for new Hugo peoples. I’ll try to generalize it eventually, particularly once I start doing more custom front-end stuff that would be attractive to everyone, rather than Org mode users who share my particular opinions (such as a single-page workflow).

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