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Latest commit 8b31cd4 Frédéric Bertolus Merge branch 'master' of
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api update js api
apt Merge branch 'follow' into formupdate
css fix bugs in the offer style
deployment Liquibase script to migrate follows
doc update changelog for 1.2.2
etc Merge branch 'follow' into formupdate
less.js use node and no more nodejs
main fix the bug on null software
paylineWebservice Remove useless poms and some clean up
resources Merge branch 'follow' into formupdate
share Merge branch 'follow' into formupdate
stats update the stat system
tests rename activity in history
.gitignore update the stat parsing python script
INSTALL Configuring mercanet
README.txt First commit
TRANSLATION Removing some useless blank lines
bloatit-eclipse-cleanup.xml share the new clean up and formater configuration for eclipse
bloatit-eclipse-formatter.xml Update to the eclipse formatter
build.gradle Going to the dev version: 1.2.2-SNAPSHOT
generatecss make the generatecss script copy the result in www
generatewww fix generatewww script
propositionPackages First step of the refactoring.
settings.gradle disactivate payline build in gradle
updatedb update database update process
updatepo fix updatepo fix with gradle
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