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cmake CMake: Remove PROFILING option Mar 12, 2018
doc Snapshot download now is merged to develop, update instructions accor… Jan 31, 2018
eth askPrice = 0 in testing mode Mar 28, 2018
ethkey Reformat program_options setup code with clang-format Jan 31, 2018
ethvm ethvm: Cleanup and reformat code Mar 21, 2018
evmc @ b0e953c Use EVMC Apr 5, 2018
evmjit @ bc47475 EVM-C: Implement copycode() Mar 27, 2018
hera @ 60ca9a4 Update Hera Mar 21, 2018
homebrew Additional paths for dylib path fixup for macOS ZIP builds. Jul 18, 2016
libdevcore Convert tabs to spaces in CommonIO.h and memorydb.cpp Apr 13, 2018
libdevcrypto Update address in SecretStore Mar 6, 2018
libethash CMake: Cleanup some libs configs Aug 23, 2017
libethashseal All most derived class of Client should notify the condition variable Apr 10, 2018
libethcore conditionally enable bitshift on ConstantinopleForkBlock Feb 22, 2018
libethereum Worker thread of Client class should not sleep when stopping Apr 10, 2018
libevm Handle EVMC internal error Apr 11, 2018
libp2p Convert tabs to spaces in NodeTable Mar 28, 2018
libweb3jsonrpc fix toString() itself instead of doing static_cast<uint16_t> here two… Apr 13, 2018
libwebthree Add missing virtual destructor to NetworkFace Apr 9, 2018
poc Test and deploy files Aug 5, 2018
rlp Reformat program_options setup code with clang-format Jan 31, 2018
scripts cpp-build-env: Upgrade clang compiler to version 6 Apr 9, 2018
test Merge pull request ethereum#4957 from ethereum/pr4954 Apr 13, 2018
utils/json_spirit Use libscrypt from Hunter Mar 6, 2018
.clang-format Add clang-format config file Dec 18, 2017
.editorconfig Add .editorconfig file Dec 19, 2017
.gitignore Scripts for external projects Mar 3, 2017
.gitmodules Use EVMC Apr 5, 2018
.travis.yml Hunter: Update upload procedure Mar 6, 2018 Add YCM config Dec 10, 2017
CMakeLists.txt Use EVMC Apr 5, 2018 Minor typos fix Dec 29, 2017 Fix git clang-format options description Dec 21, 2017
LICENSE Added missing GPLv3 LICENSE file. Aug 7, 2016
README.eth Test and deploy files Aug 5, 2018 Test and deploy files Aug 5, 2018
appveyor.yml Hunter: Update upload procedure Mar 6, 2018
circle.yml Circle CI: Use clang 6 Apr 9, 2018
codecov.yml codecov: Clean up PR comment Dec 13, 2017
refilltests refill tests Jan 4, 2017
sanitizer-blacklist.txt Added stray and sanitizizer-blacklist.txt files. Aug 12, 2016
snapcraft.yaml Update snapcraft config Dec 4, 2017

#loligo is an Ethereum Fork

loligo cpp-ethereum - Ethereum C++ client

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