Create and manipulate MCEdit Schematic files in PocketMine-MP plugins.
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A library for creating and manipulating MCEdit Schematic files.

Implementing into plugins

Best way to implement this code is to use it as a git module.


Loading schematic files

try {
	$schematic = new Schematic("castle.schematic");
} catch (\Throwable $error) {
	// Handle error

Saving schematic files

try {
	$schematic->save("castle.schematic"); // With custom name
	$schematic->save(); // With the name you used before
} catch (\Throwable $error) {
	// Handle error

Pasting schematics

$target = $player->getPosition();
foreach($schematic->getBlocks() as $block) {
	$target->level->setBlock($target->add($block), $block);

Fixing Block IDs

If you have blocks not currently in PMMP/MCPE, you will need to call the following after loading a schematic:


I'm a fluent person

So am I!

try {
	new Schematic("castle.schematic")
} catch (\Throwable $error) {
	// Handle error