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COMPAS package template

This project automates the set up of a new python-based package for the COMPAS framework using an opinionated Cookiecutter template.

Cookiecutter is a command-line utility that lets you quickly bootstrap a new project from a template. It takes a directory tree and copies it into your new project, replacing all the generic info that finds surrounded by templating tags {{ and }} with your project info written in cookiecutter.json.


  • Project directory and file structure
  • Documentation based on Sphinx/reStructuredText
  • Testing framework: pytest
  • Basic setup script to create pip installable packages
  • Automation of common tasks for development workflow based on pyinvoke (generate documentation, run tests, check format, etc.)
  • EditorConfig integration
  • Minimal Travis-CI integration

What's included

  • .github

  • data

  • docs

  • docsource

  • examples

  • src

  • temp

  • tests

  • .bumpversion.cfg

  • .editorconfig

  • .gitignore

  • .travis.yml






  • pytest.ini


  • requirements-dev.txt

  • requirements.txt

  • setup.cfg




Install cookiecutter command line: pip install cookiecutter


In the terminal, go to the folder where you want to place your project:

$ cd <your-projects-folder>

Generate a new Cookiecutter template layout:

$ cookiecutter gh:BlockResearchGroup/cookiecutter-compas-package

Go to project folder:

$ cd <project-slug>

Additional settings

To use the coding style feature with EditorConfig:

  • Some text editors have a native EditorConfig. If yours doesn't you can download the appropriate plugin here.

To activate Continuous Integration:


This template is licensed under the terms of the MIT License