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BlockSaver SmartSavingContract


There is a massive trend on holding of cryptocurrencies (popularly called “hodling”). NEO is not an exception to that trend. Our application aims to reward faithful investors and enthusiasts and punish those eager on quick profit. Or maybe just those technology believers that tend to give away part of their paycheck every month to buy some NEO.

By opening savings at BlockSaver you can define for how long you wish to lock your assets. We accept both NEO and GAS assets. Based on how long have you locked your assets away, we will define your interest rate. On expiration of that duration, we will transfer assets from smart contract to your designated wallet. Withdrawing beforehand will get you your assets but we will keep certain amount based on our provision(penalty). This app will also enable you to set up periodically billings on your credit card that will be traded on best exchange rates and added to your existing savings funds. If you notice on some occasion some favorable NEO or GAS assets you can ask for withdrawal and trigger payment to existing savings.



  • Windows 7 or Windows 10 PC
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Following Visual Studio extensions:
    • .NET Core cross-platform development
  • Following Visual Studio plugins:
    • NeoContractPlugin
  • neon - c# compiler - installation instructions


  • Open SmartSavingContract.sln in Visual Studio
  • Build SmartSavingContract
  • bin/Debug should contain SmartSavingContract.avm file


  • Install neo-gui-developer
  • Run neo-gui-developer
  • Open wallet
  • Advanced->Deploy Contract
    • input params: 0710
    • output params: 05
    • check "Need Storage"
    • Load your avm file
    • Copy contract hash
    • Test
    • Invoke


Neo-python commands for contract invoking:

//create testInvoke 20dd61645c511e8e1d5c12a722a65db7420ed798 "637265617465536176696e6773" [�6c6f6f70�,1510488386]

//all savings testInvoke 20dd61645c511e8e1d5c12a722a65db7420ed798 "676574416c6c536176696e6773" []

//savings details testInvoke 20dd61645c511e8e1d5c12a722a65db7420ed798 "676574536176696e677342794e616d65" [�6c6f6f70�]

//transfer testInvoke 20dd61645c511e8e1d5c12a722a65db7420ed798 "7472616e73666572" 74657374c 1510488386 --attach-neo=1 --attach-gas=1

Private Network

  "ProtocolConfiguration": {
    "Magic": 56753,
    "AddressVersion": 23,
    "StandbyValidators": [

    "SeedList": [
    "SystemFee": {
      "EnrollmentTransaction": 1000,
      "IssueTransaction": 500,
      "PublishTransaction": 500,
      "RegisterTransaction": 10000



Version Contract Hash
v0.0.1 20dd61645c511e8e1d5c12a722a65db7420ed798
v0.0.2 3d428cf6137bb0e09b82125a27dfc61a29723394

Test Network


Version Contract Hash
v1.0.0 3d428cf6137bb0e09b82125a27dfc61a29723394