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Align Times

$ __shake-build/align-time --help

From competition inputs '.comp-input.yaml', relative track logs '.kml' and
tagged zones '.tag-zone.yaml', writes each fix to a single '.csv' per-pilot
per-task, grouped into a single folder per-task.

Using the tagged zones to find the first crossing of a pilot into the speed
section, three columns are added to the CSV;
    leg        The leg of the speed section of the task
    tick       The time in seconds from the first crossing
    distance   The distance to goal

Where 'c' is the comp name, 'p' is the pilot name, '.' is the folder with
competition inputs and k is a folder path specified in the inputs for
tracklogs, one per task;
    Reads  ./c.comp-input.yaml
    Reads  ./c.tag-zone.yaml
    Reads  ./k/p.kml
    Writes ./flare-timing/align-time/task-n/p.csv

align-time [OPTIONS]

  -d --dir=ITEM            Over all the competition *.comp.yaml files in this
  -f --file=ITEM           With this one competition *.comp.yaml file
  -t --task[=TASK NUMBER]  Which tasks?
  -p --pilot[=PILOT NAME]  Which pilots?
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