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Introduction to Solidity through simple smart contract development
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Homework 1

Welcome to the Blockchain for Developers DeCal's first assignment. You'll be familiarizing yourself with Solidity, the currently most supported smart contract language. For those familiar with JavaScript, Solidity comes with a similar syntax.

Homework Instructions

For the two exercises, ex1 and ex2, please take a look at the specifications noted in their respective markdowns.

In greeter_skeleton.sol you will be coding up the Solidity equivalent to Hello, world!. In fibonacci_skeleton.sol you will be implementing the simple Fibonacci formula learned in CS61A.

For syntactical quirks and more info on the language, please refer to the Solidity documentation.

As you (probably) do not have your developer environment set up, we recommend checking your code in the Remix IDE. Clicking on Create on the bottom-right corner should bring up fields where users can input arguements to specific functions. Clicking on that function's name should run the function and provide an output under the Decoded: subtitle.

Submission Instructions

Please fork this repo and push your code up to your fork. Please fill out this Google Form to let us know where you've got your answers:

Please feel free to reach out to the staff via Piazza should you run into any trouble.

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