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Open Development Legal Resources

This repo is a resource where we share our best practices for open development legal contracts, so that they can be used by other companies or individuals.

📖 What is Open Development? Open development is a larger infrastructure that encompasses open-source licenses but does so while laying out a complete methodology for these projects, from their initial conception through their long-term support. It is built on what we see as the intrinsic goal of the open-source model: for a community to create common resources that can be freely used for the good of all. However, open development looks at this goal as part of an ecosystem that goes well beyond the idea of just developing code and releasing it under an open license.

Our open development legal resources includes:

  • Contributor License Agreement. An agreement ensuring that contributions to a repo are correctly protected.
  • Work Contracts. Contracts for use with contributing developers or interns or for security services.

If you have improvements for our work, please share them back to us with PRs or Issues.

⚠️ WARNING: We are not lawyers; use these resources at your own risk.

Financial Support

Open Development Resources is a project of Blockchain Commons. We are proudly a "not-for-profit" social benefit corporation committed to open source & open development. Our work is funded entirely by donations and collaborative partnerships with people like you. Every contribution will be spent on building open tools, technologies, and techniques that sustain and advance blockchain and internet security infrastructure and promote an open web.

To financially support further development of Open Development Resources and other projects, please consider becoming a Patron of Blockchain Commons through ongoing monthly patronage as a GitHub Sponsor. You can also support Blockchain Commons with bitcoins at our BTCPay Server.


We encourage public contributions through issues and pull requests! Please review for details on our development process. All contributions to this repository require a GPG signed Contributor License Agreement.


The best place to talk about Blockchain Commons and its projects is in our GitHub Discussions areas.

Blockchain Commons Discussions. For developers, interns, and patrons of Blockchain Commons, please use the discussions area of the Community repo to talk about general Blockchain Commons issues, the intern program, or topics other than the Gordian System or the wallet standards, each of which have their own discussion areas.

Other Questions & Problems

As an open-source, open-development community, Blockchain Commons does not have the resources to provide direct support of our projects. Please consider the discussions area as a locale where you might get answers to questions. Alternatively, please use this repository's issues feature. Unfortunately, we can not make any promises on response time.

If your company requires support to use our projects, please feel free to contact us directly about options. We may be able to offer you a contract for support from one of our contributors, or we might be able to point you to another entity who can offer the contractual support that you need.


The following people directly contributed to this repository. You can add your name here by getting involved. The first step is learning how to contribute from our documentation.

Name Role Github Email GPG Fingerprint
Christopher Allen Principal Architect @ChristopherA <> FDFE 14A5 4ECB 30FC 5D22 74EF F8D3 6C91 3574 05ED


Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Standard Terms for Open Development Agreements with Blockchain Commons






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