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#SmartCustody White Papers, a project of Blockchain Commons
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#SmartCustody White Papers

Part of the #SmartCustody project of the Blockchain Commons

  • Simple Self-Custody Cold Storage Scenario — Best Practices for Protecting Your Personal Digital Assets Using Cold Storage (Version: 2019-03-25 Release 1.0.0)

  • Adversaries — Case Studies for Securing Digital Assets Against Loss (available late Spring 2019)

What is #SmartCustody?

"The use of advanced cryptographic tools to improve the care, maintenance, control, and protection of digital assets."

Our goals:

  • To raise the bar on best practices for digital-asset custodianship by building a greater understanding of different custody use cases, risk models, and adversary threats.
  • To prepare for new custody technologies that break old models for custodianship.

To accomplish these goals, we are creating a series of best-practices white papers and also offering a series of different workshops on these topics. We are additionally collaborating with cryptographic industry and regulatory stakeholders to establish standards, improve best practices, and create new cryptographic key-management and custody technologies.

Our next workshop is April 29th, 2019, see Smart Custody: Simple Cold Storage & Self-Custody Workshop.

To be informed of the release of future best-practices and other educational white papers and to learn about future workshops, subscribe to our email newsletter at


The information below is intended to inform a set of best practices. It may not address risks specific to your situation, and if it does not, you should modify appropriately. While this information may inform best practices, there is no guarantee that following this advice will sufficiently ensure the security of your digital assets. In addition, this information is only a window on best practices at a specific moment in time. Be aware that the Bitcoin & blockchain ecosystems may have evolved and the risk assessments of specific products may have changed since the publication of this draft. In other words: be cautious, be careful, and be aware of the current Bitcoin & blockchain landscape before you use this information.

Copyright & Contributing

Unless otherwise noted, the contents of this repository are Copyright ©2017-2019 by Blockchain Commons and are licensed CC-BY-SA.

Please give attribution by linking to the website.

Any questions or issues concerning these white papers or contributions of updates via pull requests can be made via our Github repository at

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