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Blockchain Guild Community

The purpose of the Blockchain Guild is to:

  • Allow Patrons to be able to contribute back to support the open source ecosystem that allowed them to be successful.
  • Incentivize junior software engineers or those new to blockchain develop to learn the best practices of the community, and allow more experienced engineers a place to mentor them.
  • Support blockchain documentation, example code, libraries, infrastructure, etc.

Some possible thoughts:

  • Apprentice, Journeyman, Master?
  • Transparency to all stakeholders (patrons, customers, guild members)
  • Participatory and inclusive practices
  • Learning Community
  • "Rough consensus & working code"
  • Non-Hierarchical and Decentralized as possible
  • Support infrastructure & commons for blockchains
  • To avoid needing incorporating, can we minimize custody of funds from patrons, and use multisig with timelock act as a non-custodial escrow?


2017-01-03: First Blockchain Guild bounty awarded — 0.5 BTC, to @KalleWoof for btcdeb, a Bitcoin Script debugger and am update to Chapter 7 of Learning Bitcoin from the Command Line. Patrons for this award are @ChristopherA, @JimmySong, @TuurDemeester @SatoshiLite & @ZcashCo.


The Blockchain Guild members are:

  • Christopher Allen:

    • Internet Cryptography Pioneer — Co-author TLS Security Standard
    • Principal Architect — Blockstream Corporation
    • Decentralized Identity Advocate — host of #RebootingWebOfTrust & co-chair of the W3C Credentials Community
    • Technology Leadership — former Faculty in the MBA in Sustainable Systems program at
    • Blogs at Life With Alacrity and on Twitter is @ChristopherA
    • Resides in the Bay Area of California USA
  • Kalle Alm:

    • Blockchain Software Developer at Digital Garage
    • Bitcoin Core Contributor
    • Former developer of Infinite PDF for iPad
    • Resides in Tokyo Japan
  • Steve Johnson:

    • Professional Amateur - creator of bots and nodes
    • Electronics repair and logistics in previous lives, focused on Bitcoin since late 2012
    • Currently resides in SW Arkansas trying to bring Bitcoin to the Forest
    • Twitter @internaut42
  • Bruno Volpato:

    • Apprentice at the Blockchain Guild.
    • Back-End Engineer — TOTVS Labs.
    • Self-taught developer for more than 10 years and with a passion for Blockchain and Cryptography. Expert in automating work, and creating crawlers and bots for all sorts of crazy things.
    • Twitter is
    • Originally from Brazil, but living for over a year in the San Francisco Bay Area 😎
  • Bogdan Avram:

    • Apprentice
    • Blockchain enthusiast
    • Student at School 42
    • Algorithms, C and Java skills
  • Tuur Demeester:

    • Investment analyst, recommended Bitcoin since 2012
    • Founder & CEO of Adamant Capital
    • Blogs on Medium and on Twitter is @tuurdemeester
    • Originally from Belgium, resides in Austin, TX
  • Jameson Lopp:


The Blockchain Guild community maintains the following communication channels:

More may be added as needed.

Copyright & License

These documents are Copyright (c) 2017 by the Blockchain Guild and are licensed CC-BY (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License)

Learning Resources

Current Bounties

If you are interested in supporting a specific blockchain FOSS bounty project, or wish to support bounties in general, or in supporting infrastructure, contact or you can directly contribute BTC to 12pypEWGCnFXPJdSs283Q9W95BLEsQ9UBW — we are investigating non-profit status but we do not have it at this time, so any contributions are not tax-deductible.




This is an open source project and we welcome contributions. There are many ways to help.

To get started, please read the contribution guidelines.

Reporting Problems

If you find typos, mistakes, inconsistencies or other problems in the Blockchain Guild documents, please let us know by filing an issue at the appropriate issue tracker (we use multiple repositories). No issue is too small.

Version History

  • 2017-12: Community started on Github


  • Create Github Community

  • Create website for, maybe also (ChristopherA currently holds these domains)

  • We need a, something along the lines of ParticipatoryOrgs-Community/ & ipfs/

  • Convene an online community meeting of initial participants, create an initial proposal for participatory governance


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