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Kusama Projects


KusamaProjects ( is an open-source directory of chains, dApps, and ecosystem components building on the Kusama network. The website will store metadata associated with each project and serve as a living source of truth, maintained by the community.

Project Description

Kusama is a network of multiple specialized blockchains built utilizing Substrate. Beyond providing a production-staging environment for projects deploying on Polkadot, Kusama will enable teams who want to move fast and innovate exclusively on the network.

KusamaProjects will provide a directory for the community to share details about Wallets/Parachains/dApps/DAO's/Forums, etc., in a composable manner. The web application will be mobile friendly and deployed to

Users will be able to search for projects within the Kusama ecosystem by name or solution category (e.g., Infrastructure, Wallet, Explorer), enabling them to find related information quickly.

Teams building within the Kusama ecosystem can add their information to the website by submitting a pull request on the project repository. To avoid malicious marketing and spam, you must provide a link to some verifiable proof ( e.g., Whitepaper, Public Announcement, Git Repository, Blog, etc.).

Run this locally

$ git clone

If you want to improve or add a project, follow these steps:

Adding a project


  1. Fork the repository or edit it from the posts-manifest.js
  2. Follow this format posts-manifest.default.js
  3. Name your-project-logo.png in kebab-case
  4. Copy your project logo with transparent background (.png / .jpg) into /logos/
  5. Ensure that verified status must be false by default
  6. MUST provide verifiable proof! ( e.g., Whitepaper, Public Announcement, Git Repository, Blog, etc.).
  7. Insert social links (optional)
  8. Add relevant tags
  9. Finally, update posts-manifest.js and double check
  10. Create a pull request (Maintainers)
  11. Audit and merge pull request
  12. Maintain JSON data and subsequent updates

Suggesting a project Please use Project template when creating an issue.


Please open issues at any time for general feedback, or you can reach


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