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Project district is the world's first fully capable decentralized virtual ecosystem, designed to project real-world and ethereal experiences to users all over the globe.

3DCoin is a blockchain based peer to peer opensource cryptocurrency, it is part of the Districts ecosystem which puts a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, simplifying not only currency exchange but also large-scale operations that it helps with automation using advanced smart contracts, decentralized apps and hosting, adding fluidity to everything with instant transaction confirmation. all the while being eco-friendly by having a consensus protocol that has a low energy and hardware requirement.

Our Vision

Project Districts stemmed from a passion to create a boundless environment where real-world limitations and shortcomings are rendered invalid – In this world ‘possibility is the watchword. We wanted a system that nullified traditional barriers to innovation, one that went on to replace such limitations with the necessary tools needed to innovate, create and condensate ideas into workable solutions.


What is 3DCoin?



Acquiring 3DCoin

Wallet safety

Users Guide


Proof of sync

Useful links

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