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Masternode Token(NFT)

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Masternode Tokens

Masternode Token is non-fungible token(NFT) issued exclusively for active masternodes to simplify the nodes management and transactions, the new masternode tokens come with unique advantages depends on their rank as shown in the following table:

Grade "Elite" (Limited) "Node Master" "Web Master" "Dapp Master"
Tokens 25 10 10 10
Votes x10 x5 x5 x5
Eligibility Block 800k-850k (09 Nov- 19 Dec) Block 900k-950k (24 Jan-01 Mar) Block 950k-1000k (02 Mar-08 Apr) Block 1000k-1050k (09 Apr-16 May)
Transfer lock 90 60 45 30
Discounts 80% 50% 35% 25%
3D Dapps

Eligibility: One Masternode payment is required during this period of time.


  • New nodes collateral amount (Masternode, Primenode, Pulsenode)
  • Prime layer web applications fees (WEB APPS)
  • Districts 3D dapps fees (3D Dapps)

Tokens: To get access to the various discounts provided in the table you must have at least the number of indicated "nodes tokens" in your 3DCoin wallet (please note: 1 NFT node token represents 1 3DC node).

Votes: louder voice, each token gives more power to vote in future proposals.


  • Q- Is there is a deadline to claim my token?

  • A- You can claim your token anytime you want if your node is eligible.

  • Q - Can I claim token for inactive masternode?

  • A- Yes, you can claim the token even if your node is offline.

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