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3DCoin Masternode auto installer
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Bash Updater for masternode on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x64 <This script must be run as root user!>

Version: 1.0.1:

  • Auto-update for update/install scripts Added.
  • Update time becomes random for each vps.
  • Debug log cleared every 2 days.
  • Log file to UpdateNode shell added.
  • This shell script can now be used either for a single update or Multi-vps update.

This shell script has 4 cronjobs:

  1. Scripts auto-update:
  2. Ensuring that the daemon never gets stuck:
  3. Log file clearing:
  4. Auto-update for 3DCoin Core:

How to use:

Login to your vps as root, download and run the file using this command:

curl -O >

Available options:

  1. Update Masternode & Auto-update script
  2. Update only the Auto-update script
  3. Exit

1. Update Masternode & Auto-update script:

Updates the 3dcoin core & the update script, PS.available for both single and multi-vps update:

1.1-Update a Single Masternode:

Updates only the vps that runs the shell script.

1.2- Update Multi-vps Masternode

Updates all the vps that you will add using these two options here:

  1.2.1. Use the same SSH Port and Password for all vps's:
         Enter your vps ip's: (Exemple: )
         SSH port: (Exemple: 22 )
         password: (Exemple: Des53G2v3P )
  1.2.2. Use a different SSH Port and Password for each vps:
         Enter your vps data: 'Host:Password:SSHPort' ( Exemple: )

2. Update the Auto-update script only:

Updates only the shell scripts in your vps, PS.available for both single and multi-vps update.

3. Exit:

Ends the Shell script.

Bash Checker for Masternodes on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x64 <This script must be run as root user!>

curl -O >
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