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How to Setup Staking

  1. Download the latest wallest release with the "Latest Release" tag. Do not use a "Pre-Release" build.

  2. Let the wallet sync. This process should start automatically.

  3. While waiting to sync, encrypt the wallet by going to Settings > Encrypt Wallet

    • A prompt to create a password will appear. Make sure to backup this password in a safe place. It may be required to restart the wallet after this
  4. Once fully synced, you will need to deposit funds to the wallet.

    • To view your wallet address, go to File > Receiving addresses
  5. To start staking, go to Settings > Unlock Wallet. Check the "For anonymization and staking only" box, enter the password created above, click the "OK" button.

  6. When the wallet is staking successfully, you will see a green circle with and up-arrow at the bottom right corner of the wallet.

    • If the funds were just deposited for the first time, the funds need to mature(reach confirmation threshold) so it may take and hour or so for the icon to turn green

If there are any issues, join our community on Rocket Chat and visit the #wallet-support channel for help.