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Original Build from 2015 - Global Currency Reserve - GCR

  • Download correct Zip folder to match your operating system

  • Create New Folder in a directory of your choice

  • Move Downloaded Zip to New Folder

  • UnZip the downloaded Zip folder

  • Run ( Double-Click ) on the GCR executable.

  • The wallet will run and begin to sync with the blockchain

  • At this point, it is VERY IMPORTANT to Encrypt your wallet !

  • Create required receiving addresses

  • Create a back up of your .dat file and store somewhere safe ( eg / External Drive, SD card )

  • Wait for wallet to sync with blockchain before sending GCR coins to wallet

  • Once synchronisation is complete it is recommended to send a small test transaction to confirm your install

To Confirm your address and check transaction history please visit :

Default data directories :

MacOSX : ~/Library/Application Support/GCR/
Windows : %APPDATA%\GCR\

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