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Esplora HTTP API

JSON over RESTful HTTP. Amounts are always represented in satoshis.


GET /tx/:txid

Returns information about the transaction.

Available fields: txid, version, locktime, size, weight, fee, vin, vout and status (see transaction format for details).

GET /tx/:txid/status

Returns the transaction confirmation status.

Available fields: confirmed (boolean), block_height (optional) and block_hash (optional).

GET /tx/:txid/hex

Returns the raw transaction in hex.

GET /tx/:txid/merkle-proof

Returns a merkle inclusion proof for the transaction.

Currently matches the merkle proof format used by Electrum's blockchain.transaction.get_merkle. Will eventually be changed to use bitcoind's merkleblock format instead.

GET /tx/:txid/outspend/:vout

Returns the spending status of a transaction output.

Available fields: spent (boolean), txid (optional), vin (optional) and status (optional, the status of the spending tx).

GET /tx/:txid/outspends

Returns the spending status of all transaction outputs.

POST /tx

Broadcast a raw transaction to the network.

The transaction should be provided as hex in the request body. The txid will be returned on success.


GET /address/:address

GET /scripthash/:hash

Get information about an address/scripthash.

Available fields: address/scripthash, chain_stats and mempool_stats.

{chain,mempool}_stats each contain an object with tx_count, funded_txo_count, funded_txo_sum, spent_txo_count and spent_txo_sum.

Elements-based chains don't have the {funded,spent}_txo_sum fields.

GET /address/:address/txs

GET /scripthash/:hash/txs

Get transaction history for the specified address/scripthash, sorted with newest first.

Returns up to 50 mempool transactions plus the first 25 confirmed transactions. You can request more confirmed transactions using :last_seen_txid(see below).

GET /address/:address/txs/chain[/:last_seen_txid]

GET /scripthash/:hash/txs/chain[/:last_seen_txid]

Get confirmed transaction history for the specified address/scripthash, sorted with newest first.

Returns 25 transactions per page. More can be requested by specifying the last txid seen by the previous query.

GET /address/:address/txs/mempool

GET /scripthash/:hash/txs/mempool

Get unconfirmed transaction history for the specified address/scripthash.

Returns up to 50 transactions (no paging).

GET /address/:address/utxo

GET /scripthash/:hash/utxo

Get the list of unspent transaction outputs associated with the address/scripthash.

Available fields: txid, vout, value and status (with the status of the funding tx). Elements-based chains have an additional asset field.


GET /block/:hash

Returns information about a block.

Available fields: id, height, version, timestamp, bits, nonce, merkle_root, tx_count, size, weight and previousblockhash. Elements-based chains have an additional proof field. See block format for more details.

The response from this endpoint can be cached indefinitely.

GET /block/:hash/status

Returns the block status.

Available fields: in_best_chain (boolean, false for orphaned blocks), next_best (the hash of the next block, only available for blocks in the best chain).

GET /block/:hash/txs[/:start_index]

Returns a list of transactions in the block (up to 25 transactions beginning at start_index).

Transactions returned here do not have the status field, since all the transactions share the same block and confirmation status.

The response from this endpoint can be cached indefinitely.

GET /block/:hash/txids

Returns a list of all txids in the block.

The response from this endpoint can be cached indefinitely.

GET /block-height/:height

Returns the hash of the block currently at height.

GET /blocks[/:start_height]

Returns the 10 newest blocks starting at the tip or at start_height if specified.

GET /blocks/tip/height

Returns the height of the last block.

GET /blocks/tip/hash

Returns the hash of the last block.


GET /mempool

Get mempool backlog statistics. Returns an object with:

  • count: the number of transactions in the mempool

  • vsize: the total size of mempool transactions in virtual bytes

  • total_fee: the total fee paid by mempool transactions in satoshis

  • fee_histogram: mempool fee-rate distribution histogram

    An array of (feerate, vsize) tuples, where each entry's vsize is the total vsize of transactions paying more than feerate but less than the previous entry's feerate (except for the first entry, which has no upper bound). This matches the format used by the Electrum RPC protocol for mempool.get_fee_histogram.

Example output:

  "count": 8134,
  "vsize": 3444604,
  "fee_histogram": [[53.01, 102131], [38.56, 110990], [34.12, 138976], [24.34, 112619], [3.16, 246346], [2.92, 239701], [1.1, 775272]]

In this example, there are transactions weighting a total of 102,131 vbytes that are paying more than 53 sat/vB, 110,990 vbytes of transactions paying between 38 and 53 sat/vB, 138,976 vbytes paying between 34 and 38, etc.

GET /mempool/txids

Get the full list of txids in the mempool as an array.

The order of the txids is arbitrary and does not match bitcoind's.

GET /mempool/recent

Get a list of the last 10 transactions to enter the mempool.

Each transaction object contains simplified overview data, with the following fields: txid, fee, vsize and value

Fee estimates

GET /fee-estimates

Get an object where the key is the confirmation target (in number of blocks) and the value is the estimated feerate (in sat/vB).

The available confirmation targets are 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 20, 144, 504 and 1008 blocks.

For example: { "2": 87.882, "3": 87.882, "4": 87.882, "6": 68.285, "10": 1.027, "20": 1.027, "144": 1.027, "504": 1.027, "1008": 1.027 }

Transaction format

  • txid
  • version
  • locktime
  • size
  • weight
  • fee
  • vin[]
    • txid
    • vout
    • is_coinbase
    • scriptsig
    • scriptsig_asm
    • inner_redeemscript_asm
    • inner_witnessscript_asm
    • sequence
    • witness[]
    • prevout (previous output in the same format as in vout below)
    • (Elements only)
    • is_pegin
    • issuance (available for asset issuance transactions, null otherwise)
      • is_reissuance
      • asset_blinding_nonce
      • asset_entropy
      • assetamount or assetamountcommitment
      • tokenamount or tokenamountcommitment
  • vout[]
    • scriptpubkey
    • scriptpubkey_asm
    • scriptpubkey_type
    • scriptpubkey_address
    • value
    • (Elements only)
    • valuecommitment
    • asset or assetcommitment
    • pegout (available for peg-out outputs, null otherwise)
      • genesis_hash
      • scriptpubkey
      • scriptpubkey_asm
      • scriptpubkey_address
  • status
    • confirmed (boolean)
    • block_height (available for confirmed transactions, null otherwise)
    • block_hash (available for confirmed transactions, null otherwise)
    • block_time (available for confirmed transactions, null otherwise)

Block format

  • id
  • height
  • version
  • timestamp
  • bits
  • nonce
  • merkle_root
  • tx_count
  • size
  • weight
  • previousblockhash
  • (Elements only)
  • proof
    • challenge
    • challenge_asm
    • solution
    • solution_asm
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