This is where the the "Blockternship" project submissions live.
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This is where the the "Blockternship" project submissions live.

To get started submit an issue in this repo.

Make sure it contains:

  • Relevant info about you: "Hi I'm Blahhh and I'm into bleepedy blop bloop and I am here to talk about blip blop and blam"
  • Your idea | links to any existing repos or POC that you might have.
  • Why you think this is worth working on.
  • Your area of expertise or what you're interested in learning.
  • What you think you'll need, whether it's developers or educational material.
  • Contact info (GitHub, Keybase, as well as Twitter, email, Riot, or any other way you want to connect)

Next we'll review you're submissions and ask any relevant questions in the thread.

If it fits our criteria for this hackathon then we'll ask you to create/fork a repo into the Blockternship!