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Detect and report changes in files from a directory in a specified time period
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Detect changes in files from a directory in a specified time period and report via e-mail.

This script is intended to run as an automated task in crontab, and provides a quick way of alerting changes in files due to hacking attempts or other uncontrolled issues.


/usr/bin/php [path]detect-modified-files.php [--config=filename] 2>/dev/null

The other script we provide is detect-modified-files-config-sample.php that can be used as a default config file if renamed to detect-modified-files-config.php and placed in the same directory of the main script.

The --config parameter refers to a config file located in the directory or subdirectories from main script location. This parameter is optional, if omitted the script will attempt to load the default config file.

Available configuration options in the config file:

dir Required The directory where performs the scan.

hours Required Files changed in the recent specified hours.

minutes Required Files changed in the last minutes.

niceness Optional Script process priority from -20 to highest priority to 19, or false to disable it.

extensions Optional Limit the file search to the extensions of this array.

excludes Optional Exclude results matched by any string of this array.

email_if_empty Optional When false, it does not send the e-mail if no results.

email_to Required The recipient's e-mail.

email_subjectOptional Partial subject of the e-mail to identify server.

The hours and minutes parameters should be consistent with the period over the crontab and the time wasted to perform the whole search. For example, for a hourly cron task, the hours should be 1 hour, and set 5 minutes to support the approximate script execution time.

Licensed under the GPL version 3 or later:


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