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# Changelog for BlogoText
# note : each changes will be start with status :
# - upd, for update or modification
# - add, for addition
# - del, for deletion
# - fix, like an upd but just for fixing an error
# note : each note will be start with "note :"
# note : 1 note by subject
note : issue #318, thanks to @chb9
- fix XSS issue in comments
- fix feed aggregator multiple errors on pages navigation
- fix feed aggregator filter for 4 bytes char
- fix admin settings page, wrong behavior for themes listing
- fix wrong behavior on link (title) from feed aggregator
- fix for PHP 5.5 compat
note : This update is about bug fix, no need to update if 3.7.1 already installed and ok
- add support for php without the PHP intl extension
- fix feed aggregator
note : This update is about bug fix, no need to update if 3.7.1 already installed and ok
note : A bug with the feed aggregator is known, we are working on it, new update will go live soon!
- upd install and update to add intl test and message
- upd boot to add intl test and message
note : This update is about bug fix
- fix function return_byte(), format the value before math
- fix errors with (int) when PHP_INT_MAX is too low
note : This changelog file will not be complete due to the consequent number of changes and the
late implementation of this changelog
note : The 3.7 is the first release after the change of maintainer
note : GitHub moved to
note : GitHub moved to
note : you will notice some performance improvement due to the partial rewrite/reorder of the core
note : custom templates don't need any update to stay fonctional, but if you want to use addons, you
must add some addons tags
- add public template tag {tpl_class} wich return content type and informations
- add addon system
- add public template tag {includes.css} and {includes.js} for addons support
- add first release for a log error system
- add favatar.php, will manage external favicon and gravatar
- add valias support
- add vhost partial support
- add some 404 headers, public side
- add updater for an easy transition from 3.4.7 to 3.7
- add new notification system, partially implemented (JS)(admin side)
- add new loader animation, partially implemented (JS)(admin side)
- add new boot system
- add hook system (public side)
- add Send mail to author at new comment
- upd cache folder moved to var/{domain.tld}/cache
- upd cache folder for favicon and gravatar moved to var/cache
- upd rewrite and reorder a lot of file, function (...) in the core (PSR-2 and "english" compliancy)
- upd database scheme, add some fields in database
- upd some security improvement (ini file > php file ...)
- upd auth password hash improvement
- upd for pubilc feeds, rss.php and atom.php merged into feed.php
- upd langs file have been splitted public/admin
- upd add custom user agent for BlogoText
- upd improve performance and fonctionnality for admin feed reader
- upd default template