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**All PR are welcome :)**
### In a few steps
1. clone the repo with `git clone --branch dev`
2. create a new branch `git checkout -b branch-name`
3. do your work
4. check your code (see below)
5. `git push`
6. Go to your github repository, and create a pull request from your branch to `dev` main repo.
### Few rules
Always work on a dedicated branch:
git checkout -b branch-name
Before modifying code **and** pushing changes, stay up to date with the `dev` branch:
// Add blogotext to upstream source
git remote add upstream
// Now, you can refresh your fork from the souce
git pull --squash upstream dev
You can found some documentation on [ / syncing-a-fork](
### Check your code
Travis CI will do it for you, but to prevent errors you can test yourself the code:
# Download the tool
curl -OL
# Usage
php phpcs.phar --standard=PSR2 -np --tab-width=4 --encoding=utf-8 .
If you are stuck with a **lot of errors**, use this tool which can refactor the code for you:
# Download the tool
curl -OL
# Usage
php phpcbf.phar --standard=PSR2 -np --tab-width=4 --encoding=utf-8 .
! phpcbf.phar can not work with window (require diff, path...) you can add ` --no-patch`

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