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Repository containing a set of policies for aws resources created with terraform
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Rego Policies

This repository contains rego policies for use with the Open Policy Agent. The goal is to create a set of policies, upload them to an OCI registry and pull them as part of a CI/CD pipeline using conftest


  1. Build a KIND cluster
  2. Upload policies to OCI registry:
  3. Create a set of REGO policies for AWS resources and Kubernetes resources
  4. Build a CI/CD pipeline for terraform and kubernetes deployments, validating them with OPA

Testing the policies locally with conftests

Executing conftest locally can be done with:

conftest test example/terraform/missing_access_block/tfplan.json

which should return

FAIL - example/terraform/missing_access_block/tfplan.json - S3 bucket has no access blocks: aws_s3_bucket.profile_picture_storage

Using the makefile to setup a cluster

make create
export KUBECONFIG=$(make env)

Load rego policies in the docker registry

bash script:


Steps: In the KIND cluster, start an instance of the docker regitry:

make registry

port-forward the docker registry so it is reachable from the terminal

kubectl port-forward docker-registry 5000:5000 

Using conftest push the Rego policies in this repository

conftest push localhost:5000/policies:latest

Verify whether the policies where succesfully uploaded by pulling them

conftest pull localhost:5000/policies:latest

Execute the terraform pipeline

Note: as it executes terraform plan this requires valid AWS credentials. An aws-secret needs to be created in the kubernetes cluster in order for the tekton pipeline to have access to the credentials. the ./ script can be used to create the secret (editing the aws-sts-assume call by passing in a valid role in your aws account with enough permissions)

Executing the tekton pipelines:

./ <aws-account-id> # create aws-secret
make tekton # deploy tekton in KIND cluster
./ # moves example code to configmaps, creates a tekton task and pipeline and executes the run

if set up properly, reading the logs for the step-conftest-test should return the following:

FAIL - tfplan.json - S3 bucket has no access blocks: aws_s3_bucket.profile_picture_storage

Unit-test OPA policies

OPA supports writing unit-tests for Rego, which can be executed by calling:

make unit-test

this returns the following results:

data.common.test_is_resource_of_type: PASS (1.157768ms)
data.common.test_is_resource_of_type_mismatch: PASS (389.224µs) PASS (402.074µs) PASS (368.948µs) PASS (967.804µs) PASS (584.702µs) PASS (488.105µs)
data.main.test_tags_pascal_case: PASS (1.368847ms)
data.main.test_tags_pascal_case_with_wrong_value_format: PASS (1.738822ms)
data.main.test_tags_pascal_case_with_wrong_key_format: PASS (1.283228ms)
data.main.test_tags_contain_minimum_set: PASS (2.795216ms)
data.main.test_tags_contain_minimum_set_with_extra_tags: PASS (1.487231ms)
data.main.test_tags_contain_minimum_set_without_minimum: PASS (1.151085ms) PASS (300.622µs) PASS (294.866µs) PASS (364.788µs) PASS (317.812µs) PASS (337.367µs) PASS (432.084µs) PASS (352.916µs) PASS (485.881µs) PASS (408.266µs) PASS (1.800584ms)
PASS: 23/23
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